BigCommerce VS Volusion: eCommerce Software Review


BigCommerce is a highly rated technology firm that develops ecommerce platforms for retail online traders. Over fifty thousand ecommerce solutions are hosted by this platform. The large universality of this platform makes it easy for clients to access extensive help resources. It has an easy-to-use interface. The design is revolutionary thus it makes vendors create storefronts that engage potential clients thus boosting sales volumes. BigCommerce have a variety of template for the clients to choose from. This variety gives online retail traders options to suite their preference based on their line of merchandise. Customising the site is therefore simplified in this setting.

Volusion is considered as one of the best ecommerce online platform when building and hosting a website on the back end. It gives a pleasant backyard view for potential customers on a frontend. Volusion offers a great customer support for its customers, the traders. Customers can also edit as much content as they would want while previewing. For those who prefer customizing their sites, then CSS and HTML editors comes in handy.  Changing a text or an image to suite the description the client is also easy in this setting.

However, here are some factors that shows the differences between these two platforms.

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One of the distinct features distinguishing these two Ecommerce platforms is their pricing. Both offer four possible plans for their customers. The main difference is the cost in each of the setting. The cheapest for a volusion platform user, called the mini, is $15 while for the BigCommerce the cheapest setting, the BigCommerce standard, is about $30. For the subsequent in the volusion, known as ‘plus’, it would cost a client $35 while the ‘BigCommerce plus’ costs $8. The most expensive plan is the premium, which BigCommerce refers to as Enterprise. For the former it goes for one hundred and thirty five dollars while the latter charges a non-fixed fee based on the specifications of the client. There is a relatively cheaper plan offered by both volusion and BigCommerce charged $75 and $200 respectively.

BigCommerce platform is relatively more expensive than Volusion. The difference in the prices emanates from the difference in features. However, it is important to note that for the two platforms, there are other additional charges derived from a payment gateway. Credit card requires this software for processing payments.

Number of free templates

Another important aspect in this ecommerce comparison are the templates offered by the two. Both ecommerce platforms offer free templates for their clients. These templates are relatively good. Volusion offers more free templates than BigCommerce. The former gives twenty-one free templates while the latter gives only seven. Worth noting is that only six of the twenty-one free templates offered by volusion re-adjust themselves to display as they are supposed to. This is regardless of the device one is using to view the store. Both firms sell a large variety paid-for templates which are fancy and stunningly appealing. However, the most expensive templates are sold by volusion, which would cost up to seven hundred dollars.

Ease of use

An argument has been authored in favour of BigCommerce as the easiest to use store builder. It has an interface, which is contemplary which is easy to use. In the case of volusion creating a simple content as ‘about us’, which is basic, it requires some expertise. This has prompted volusion to provide videos such as ‘getting started’ to help out customers on their complex interface. For starters and novice users, BigCommerce would be way more appropriate to use as it is more straight forward than Volusion.

Customer support

Customer support is another area of concern. BigCommerce beats volusion since they have a live agent who attends customers round the clock. They also over a wide range of videos and texts to help out on clients who get stuck along while using their platform. BigCommerce having more clients have made their community base huge thus easy to pass information around. However to get their contact you must try to sort out the problem online. Directions are given via text to the point their agents feels meets the threshold of a phone call. Although volusion have made it easy for their customers to access their phone numbers, their customer’s response don’t seem to be on a twenty-four hour basis. Depending on the plan you have subscribed to you can reach them either online or via phone.

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Some customers add a product on their cart only to abandon them without making a purchase. It is extremely important to get to know how an ecommerce platform will deal with abandoned carts with an aim of encouraging the customer to make the purchase. volusion includes this functionality in their thirty five dollars plan while clients can only  get this report from BigCommerce on their eighty dollars plan onwards. The latter however offers a better package as it predefines what the client would want to happen to abandoned carts.Ecommerce shopify

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